Alex Navarro has combined two of her passions, fitness and food, and co-founded Fit Living Foodies.  With years of experience in the fitness industry she understands the importance of healthy eating habits and the vital role sound nutrition plays in achieving any kind of fitness goal. She wants nothing more than to inspire people to become their best selves. Making positive changes doesn’t have to be difficult and she’s here to share her knowledge and experience to help others along their journeys. Alex was introduced to the world of physique competitions in her early 20’s while she was attending San Francisco State University and working as a personal trainer at a big box gym. She loved the structure that was involved with prepping for her competition. It was more than a challenge to her body. It was a challenge to her mindset, her will and tested her drive in every way. After stepping on stage for the first time, she was hooked. What started as one-time, let’s-see-how-this-goes goal , morphed into a 6-year run in the competition circuit. Alex has since competed in over 25 fitness and bikini shows, placing Top 5 at both the National and International level, earning the title of Ms. Natural Fitness Olympia in 2011 and then her WBFF Pro Card in the summer of 2012. Although her years of competing brought much success, she was tested in ways she never expected. She learned that there isn’t just one way to get fit, or one mindset that will get you over the difficult hurdles along the way. Goal setting is critical for achieving a goal and it’s an important first step in making the decision to change. Asking for help and seeking guidance along with way was one of Alex’s greatest tools for being successful throughout her journey. She hopes to be that inspiration and helper for others looking to achieve their health and fitness goals.