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Using BBrazil’s Laser-Cut Styles to Create Timeless Outfits

At BBrazil, we have MANY fun styles, however, our signature style happens to be the Laser-Cut Capris and Leggings! We designed this style to embody fashion, comfort and versatility. We have seen some of the cutest outfits put together by pairing our Laser-Cuts with any of the following: a classic white t-shirt, light-weight sweater, classic black pumps, cross-body bag, leather jacket, button-down shirt, sneakers - you name it! Our Laser-Cut Leggings and Capris make it so easy to create timeless and effortless looks!

Right now, we are excitedly working on creating tops that are also versatile! You will be able to wear them with your activewear or even a cute pair of jeans! We know that quality clothing can be so expensive and that’s why versatility is so important to us with our designs.

We believe in more bang for your buck and that your closet shouldn’t be full of pieces that you can only wear once or twice. Minimalism is hard to achieve, but with creativity and timeless pieces, you can put a variety of different outfits together while wearing the same pair of BBrazil leggings or capris! Imagine a situation where you could wear your leggings to the gym in the morning, come home and swap your top for a casual tee and your gym shoes for some Chuck Taylors, then later that evening you swap your Chucks for a pair of heels and change into a cute top and voila - you have a cute outfit to go out on the town! Three very different looks achieved with the SAME pair of BBrazil Leggings. We’ve seen it done and do it ourselves on the regular... It’s amazing!

We are constantly working to make sure that all of our designs are made with only the highest-quality fabrics.

Recently, we changed our Laser-Cut fabric to a thicker, yet comfortable, fabric that contains more Lycra for enhanced stretch and an opaque look for greater versatility.

We are always open to suggestions and would love to hear from you! If you have any ideas that you would like to share with us for future design ideas, please email us at wecare@bbrazil.com with “Idea” as the subject title.




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