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Hey BBrazil fans! My name is Nicole and I am a model for BBrazil. How cool is that?! For those who are wondering what this awesome activewear clothing line is all about, I wanted to share some of my BBrazil wardrobe with you and share the reasons why I am literally OBSESSED with this company and their apparel.

When I’m not modeling for BBrazil, I work as a Personal Trainer at Crunch Fitness. However, fitness is not just a job for me, it’s a true passion that I incorporate into my personal life on a daily basis. That being said, it’s safe to say that I LIVE in activewear. Throughout the years, I’ve tried more brands than I can count on two hands (times two) … I was introduced to BBrazil by a friend and after the first pair of leggings I tried on, I was hooked!

When I think about my BBrazil wardrobe, here are the top things that I LOVE about the apparel:

  • The designs and colors are so fun and unique. As a personal trainer, I'm always at the gym and constantly get compliments on my BBrazil attire – which of course, makes me feel amazing!
  • I love that the fabric is so comfortable, durable and seriously gives my body the perfect shape! Whether I'm doing cardio, heavy-lifting, yoga, etc. -  I feel confident in all of it and know that I never have to worry about it being see-through!
  • Big thing – VERSATILITY! Whether I’m going to the gym, rocking a cute casual outfit to meet someone for coffee or dressing up for a date night out - I can always count on my BBrazil wardrobe to rise to the occasion. I’ve seriously never owned athletic wear before that I could dress up as part of a cute date night outfit and still get people stopping me to compliment my outfit and ask where I got it!

Because of these things, I can tell you I’m a BBrazil girl for life. I have had so many friends and family members fall in love with the apparel and know that anyone who tries it will be just as addicted as we are! I am so proud to represent a brand that believes in empowering women and designs their apparel with a true desire to make women feel beautiful while wearing it.



Breezy Capris

Can’t say enough about these capris. They’re so comfortable, it literally feels like you’re not even wearing anything. Talk about the ultimate pants to lounge in!

Brick Textured Capris


These capris are life! So flattering on your body, the perfect amount of compression and I always wear them for cute casual outfits. Basically, live in these.

New Monterrey Leggings


These are one of my most recent pairs of leggings and I am obsessed. If you want to talk about versatile, I could literally wear these to the gym in the morning, go home and change my top and spend the day wearing this as a cute casual outfit and then literally change my top again and my shoes and have a sexy pair of leggings to wear out for a date night. 1 pair of leggings, 3 different types of outfits, only had to pay for 1 pair of leggings… AMAZING!


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