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We grew up in the city of Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais, but many of our early childhood memories were from our grandparents farm in Carmo Da Mata. In fact, we used to go for walks by ourselves on the farm, and my grandfather would say, "If you see a cow named Revista, be careful, she is very moody right now because she just had a baby and she will chase you and knock you over if you aren't careful"....as if we would know which cow Revista was. We were terrified of every cow after hearing that.

Imagine running for your life in yoga pants from a moody cow, and freeze that image in your head.....we aren't afraid to say BBrazil is about a little bit of craziness. We are excited to bring a piece of that wild Brazilian energy to the US!

Over the coming weeks we will start with the launch of this site, and we'll follow it with expansion into gyms, boutiques, yoga studios, fitness expositions and one day soon we'll even have our own store....stay tuned for all the updates and the wild ride as we kick-off this clothing line.

Don't forget to enjoy a sip or two of caipirinha, because while we are saying "Stay Healthy" we also say, "Go and enjoy life in your own way!"
While writing this I had "DeJa Vu" and I realized deja vu is a dream coming true....


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