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Simply put, I love making people like you feel good, look good and be happy!

Since I frequently talk to myself (as all Moms do)....I figured I would do my own Q&A :)
Q: Why did you start BBrazil?
A: To have fun designing, creating and selling clothing that I wear all the time: Yoga pants and athletic tops.. basically comfortable athletic apparel. It's perfect for athletes, active people, yoga enthusiasts and for busy moms who are staying at home or on the go.
Q: What was the most challenging part about starting a company?
A: Honestly, it's the sheer volume of work that's unexpected: You have to setup a legal entity, work with vendors and fabric makers, investigate stitching and make sure you have quality clothing practices. Then you need to build an online presence, take product photos that will be site worthy, network with people who can help in many different ways, plan a strategy, figure out pricing and collections, organize the collections, tag and package the products, build social presence, and all of that happens before the site even goes live.
Q: Which is your favorite pair of pants? why?
A: I'm really into the "Light Supplex" for the outdoor summer days as well as the "High Compression Texture" pants for workouts - They hide imperfections on the body really well.
Q: Why should someone think about buying your products?
A: Well, if they are already looking, then they should know our products use high quality materials, are extremely comfortable, have a unique style, and positive energy... They are also at a very reasonable price point comparatively.


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