• Mother's Day!

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    When it comes to shopping for the special Mom(s) in your life, there are obviously a TON of options to choose from. If you’re looking for a fun gift that she will love, give her the gift of BBrazil! We have so many cute styles to choose from or you can purchase a gift card and let her choose!

    BBrazil activewear is handmade in Brazil with only the highest quality fabrics. So, you can be sure that the lucky lady in your life is only getting the BEST! We also pride ourselves on the fact that our designs are all so versatile, you can make a variety of different outfits out of the same pair of leggings or capris!



    The Athletic & Sporty Mom
    Obsession Capris - $68


    The Cute & Casual Mom
    Wow Laser Cut Leggings - $92

    The Fashionista Mom

    Jazz Leggings - $48



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  • The Fun Story behind the BBrazil name and Logo!

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    The Fun Story behind the BBrazil name and Logo!

    Being from Brazil, I absolutely love when people ask me about my culture. It’s a pretty common thing for people to comment on my accent and ask where I’m from and when I tell them Brazil, I seem to always hear, “I love Brazilians! I want to be a Brazilian!” Hearing that so often makes me feel proud of my culture and when trying to think of the perfect name for our company, I thought to myself… “I love being Brazilian because of the toughness, happiness and boldness that we represent”. When I combined my love, with others who had expressed their love, I thought of BBrazil as in, BE-Brazil! I’ve always hoped that our activewear could give each customer a piece of my culture and let them experience a piece of Brazil for themselves!

    When it came to our logo design - it was inspired by the shape of a four-leaf-clover. We have both a forward “B” and a backwards “B” to create the shape of the leaves. This design is very special to me because I remember as a child, being obsessed with those special clovers and every time I would find one, I would put it inside of a book to dry it and would then laminate it and carry it in my purse for good luck. You may or may not know that there is a pretty cool meaning behind the symbol of the clover: The first leaf represents hope, the second stands for faith, the third is for love and the fourth leaf brings luck to the finder. Hope, faith, love and luck is everything BBrazil represents to us!


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  • Using BBrazil’s Laser-Cut Styles to Create Timeless Outfits

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    Using BBrazil’s Laser-Cut Styles to Create Timeless Outfits

    At BBrazil, we have MANY fun styles, however, our signature style happens to be the Laser-Cut Capris and Leggings! We designed this style to embody fashion, comfort and versatility. We have seen some of the cutest outfits put together by pairing our Laser-Cuts with any of the following: a classic white t-shirt, light-weight sweater, classic black pumps, cross-body bag, leather jacket, button-down shirt, sneakers - you name it! Our Laser-Cut Leggings and Capris make it so easy to create timeless and effortless looks!

    Right now, we are excitedly working on creating tops that are also versatile! You will be able to wear them with your activewear or even a cute pair of jeans! We know that quality clothing can be so expensive and that’s why versatility is so important to us with our designs.

    We believe in more bang for your buck and that your closet shouldn’t be full of pieces that you can only wear once or twice. Minimalism is hard to achieve, but with creativity and timeless pieces, you can put a variety of different outfits together while wearing the same pair of BBrazil leggings or capris! Imagine a situation where you could wear your leggings to the gym in the morning, come home and swap your top for a casual tee and your gym shoes for some Chuck Taylors, then later that evening you swap your Chucks for a pair of heels and change into a cute top and voila - you have a cute outfit to go out on the town! Three very different looks achieved with the SAME pair of BBrazil Leggings. We’ve seen it done and do it ourselves on the regular... It’s amazing!

    We are constantly working to make sure that all of our designs are made with only the highest-quality fabrics.

    Recently, we changed our Laser-Cut fabric to a thicker, yet comfortable, fabric that contains more Lycra for enhanced stretch and an opaque look for greater versatility.

    We are always open to suggestions and would love to hear from you! If you have any ideas that you would like to share with us for future design ideas, please email us at wecare@bbrazil.com with “Idea” as the subject title.



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  • Introduce us to your BBrazil wardrobe

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    Hey BBrazil fans! My name is Nicole and I am a model for BBrazil. How cool is that?! For those who are wondering what this awesome activewear clothing line is all about, I wanted to share some of my BBrazil wardrobe with you and share the reasons why I am literally OBSESSED with this company and their apparel.

    When I’m not modeling for BBrazil, I work as a Personal Trainer at Crunch Fitness. However, fitness is not just a job for me, it’s a true passion that I incorporate into my personal life on a daily basis. That being said, it’s safe to say that I LIVE in activewear. Throughout the years, I’ve tried more brands than I can count on two hands (times two) … I was introduced to BBrazil by a friend and after the first pair of leggings I tried on, I was hooked!

    When I think about my BBrazil wardrobe, here are the top things that I LOVE about the apparel:

    • The designs and colors are so fun and unique. As a personal trainer, I'm always at the gym and constantly get compliments on my BBrazil attire – which of course, makes me feel amazing!
    • I love that the fabric is so comfortable, durable and seriously gives my body the perfect shape! Whether I'm doing cardio, heavy-lifting, yoga, etc. -  I feel confident in all of it and know that I never have to worry about it being see-through!
    • Big thing – VERSATILITY! Whether I’m going to the gym, rocking a cute casual outfit to meet someone for coffee or dressing up for a date night out - I can always count on my BBrazil wardrobe to rise to the occasion. I’ve seriously never owned athletic wear before that I could dress up as part of a cute date night outfit and still get people stopping me to compliment my outfit and ask where I got it!

    Because of these things, I can tell you I’m a BBrazil girl for life. I have had so many friends and family members fall in love with the apparel and know that anyone who tries it will be just as addicted as we are! I am so proud to represent a brand that believes in empowering women and designs their apparel with a true desire to make women feel beautiful while wearing it.



    Breezy Capris

    Can’t say enough about these capris. They’re so comfortable, it literally feels like you’re not even wearing anything. Talk about the ultimate pants to lounge in!

    Brick Textured Capris


    These capris are life! So flattering on your body, the perfect amount of compression and I always wear them for cute casual outfits. Basically, live in these.

    New Monterrey Leggings


    These are one of my most recent pairs of leggings and I am obsessed. If you want to talk about versatile, I could literally wear these to the gym in the morning, go home and change my top and spend the day wearing this as a cute casual outfit and then literally change my top again and my shoes and have a sexy pair of leggings to wear out for a date night. 1 pair of leggings, 3 different types of outfits, only had to pay for 1 pair of leggings… AMAZING!

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  • About Us... Unfiltered (My first blog)

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    We grew up in the city of Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais, but many of our early childhood memories were from our grandparents farm in Carmo Da Mata. In fact, we used to go for walks by ourselves on the farm, and my grandfather would say, "If you see a cow named Revista, be careful, she is very moody right now because she just had a baby and she will chase you and knock you over if you aren't careful"....as if we would know which cow Revista was. We were terrified of every cow after hearing that.

    Imagine running for your life in yoga pants from a moody cow, and freeze that image in your head.....we aren't afraid to say BBrazil is about a little bit of craziness. We are excited to bring a piece of that wild Brazilian energy to the US!

    Over the coming weeks we will start with the launch of this site, and we'll follow it with expansion into gyms, boutiques, yoga studios, fitness expositions and one day soon we'll even have our own store....stay tuned for all the updates and the wild ride as we kick-off this clothing line.

    Don't forget to enjoy a sip or two of caipirinha, because while we are saying "Stay Healthy" we also say, "Go and enjoy life in your own way!"
    While writing this I had "DeJa Vu" and I realized deja vu is a dream coming true....

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